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The core bet to win with Odd One In is that the total value of two cards drawn from a standard deck of cards will be an odd number. Cards are counted as follows: •Aces count as 1 •Picture cards count as 10 •All other cards count as their face value
Ahead of the two cards being drawn you may make a wide selection of bets allowing the flexibility to choose combinations of more specific predictions to play for higher rewards (see below for more details of the Bet Types available and their respective payouts).
All bets are forfeited on an even number result.

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Game Details

Odd One In is an easy–to–learn game played with a standard deck of cards that gives you multiple Roulette–style ways to bet on the outcome of a two card deal – the basic Odd One In bet is for the two card values add up to any odd number, but there are plenty of ways to spice up your wagering with a neat selection of bet variations offering bigger wins for adventurous players!

Date Added: 2016-05-29

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